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Pocket scale APTP451B


Product information:
Digital LED display. Withdurable, convenient screen. Blue LED back light better display effect. Auto power-saved function: the scale will automatically turn off one minute of inactivity. The scale transportable in a pocket, of hand, etc. as a unique design makes different from the conventional scales completely and ample variety of uses
1 for laboratory 2 for post office 3 for diet 4 for clinical medical use
5 for heavy precious stones and metal like gold, diamond
Standard features:
Calibration: Auto calibration
Tare Range: Tare full capacity
Auto off (default): 60 seconds off
Operation temperature: 10-30℃
Display: 500g-0.1g five digitals LCD display
300g-0.1g six digitals LCD display
Back light: blue
Auto-saved power function:
500g-0.1g/100g-0.01g automatically turns off after 60s of inactivity
200g-0.1g/300g-0.01g 0,2,5,8 minutes could be choose for automatically turn off
Unit of display: (500g-0.1g/100g-0.01g)
Power supply: 2*AAA batteries
Measuring size: 103*66*18mm

Operation Function:
ON/OFF: turn on and turn off the scale
MODE: change the unit
TARE: in order to subtract the weight of the vessel or container, press TARE key, 0 will appear on the display, and when an object is placed on the scale, the weight of that object only will be display.