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User manual

Thank you for purchasing the iFly HandyScale.
Please do read all the user instructions carefully before use. Scales are precision instruments and should always be handled with proper care. To ensure years of reliable service, please keep these simple tips in mind:
• Do not exceed the HandyScale’s maximum capacity;overloading it could cause permanent damage.
• The HandyScale performs best at normal room temperature. Avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold. If temperatures have changed dramatically, recalibration may necessary.
• Allow your HandyScale to warm up for 30-60 seconds before performing calibration.
• Store your HandyScale in a clean and dry location.
Dust, dirt and moisture can accumulate on the weighing sensors and electronics, causing inaccuracy or malfunction.
• Avoid using your HandyScale in close proximity to device that emit stronge radio waves (ex: computers, cash registers and cordless phones).
• Hold the HandyScale steady when obtaining weight measurements.
• Gently place the item to be weighed.
• Avoid dropping your HandyScale. The warranly does not cover damage due to rough treatment or overload.

Before weighing, set the rock-out switch on the top of the HandyScale to the ON position. This switch prevents it from turning on accidentally when stored away. Hold the HandScale steady when weighing.
1. Press the [Φ] key.
2. Wait until “0.0” is displayed.
3. Place the strap or hook around your luggage handle.
4. Using the HandyScale, lift the luggage and hold it as still as possible. After 3 seconds of stability, the red light will turn on, and “HOLD” will be shown on the LCD display.
5. After you have read the weight, you can remove the object(s) from the strap or hook and press the [Φ] key to re-zero the scale.
6. To turn the Handy Scale off, press and hold the [Φ] key.
7. You can now return the lock-out switch to the OFF position.
8. The weighing units can be changed by pressing the [m] button.

Capacity: 110lb / 50kg, Readability: 0.2lb / 0.1kg
Weighing units: lb / kg, Auto- Off: 60s off