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Hand Scale Manual User

Dear customers
The Modern Electro Encyclopedia’s mission is still to provide the best quality products which returns as luxurious and better profit on the human kind. So, and building on this mission, the company has agreed with largest and the well-known providers (factories) all over the world.
The continuous traveling either for a job or in the purpose of tourism has caused a lot of troubles at airport s and the main source of theses troubles is the overweight issue.
A lot of travel companies allow 30kg as a maximum weight, however, a person could transfer and some more or less weight.
All that pushed to design the Handy Electro Scale which paved the way to solve these troubles.
How the Scale Functions:
This technology has been introduced to the Market, and it uses a various methods to determine and measure the weight.
Most of the Electro Scales have got a Measurement Cell called “weight effort” and this device measures the strength caused by the load on the Scale , then it turns it into electronic signs sending these signs afterthat to an Electronic index.
The ElectroScale could measure loads in a faster and less cost way, moreover, it gives more detailed and precise reading than other scales.
It has precise processes (computer chips) which enable the device (Scale) to perform other functions including locating the number of items in the load, calculating the price of the load, and transferring the information to PCs and printers.
Benefits and Functions:
Lifting the precious luggage and giving it a digital reading
Accuracy indetermining weights.
Features and Characteristics
1- Weights till 50kg of luggage
2- The deviceis a light weight it self
3- Easy to manage
4- Easy to relocate even could be set in our pockets
Other Features
1- The device will stop working after one hour of continuous operating
2- The device will stop running when the weight exceeds 50kg
3- In the case of battery weak the device will stop running for the safety of the electro panels.

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