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 AR 814 Quality Control

1 Applicable scope
Before you use this product, please read the instruction and it will teach you the correct operation method, so as to be able to play this machine is a durable good performance. This grogram can be used to do noise engineering, quality control, prevention and control of environmental noise health and measurement. Such as factories, offices, traffic, family, sound and so on various occasions noise measurement applications.
2 Function explains:
This product is high precision sound level meter; precision can reach +/- 1.5 Db
1. Come to conform to the international committee of the project IEC651 TYPE2 and the national standard ANSI S1.4 TYPE2
2. Measurement range 30 to 130 decibels
3. A and C weigh the internet choice
4. Fast/slow reaction rate choices, and A simulation ear), C (machine noise) the response characteristics of the model, make more accurate measurement
5. AC and DC analog signal output can connect to frequency analyzer or X-Y axis recorder do data statistics analysis.
6. 10 minutes to be automatic shutdown and not to be automatic shutdown setting
3 specifications:
1. Accuracy: +/-1.5 DB
2. Frequency response: 31.5 DB ~8.5KHZ
3. Dynamic range: 50 DB
4. Measurement range: 30 to 130 DBA, 35to 130 DBC
5. Frequency weighted properties: A and C characteristics
6. Digital display: five digits, resolution 0.1 DB, sampling rate is 2 times per second
7. Analogy depict shows: 1 depict representative 1 DB, sampling rate is 2 times per second
8. Measurement gear: 30 to 80 decibels, 50 to 100 decibels, 60 to 110 decibels, 80 to 130 decibels
9. Over load instructions: “over”, “UNDER” symbol
10. AC signal output: 0.707 Vrms/DB, output impedance of approximately 100ohm
11. DC signal output: 10MV/DB, output impedance of approximately 100 ohm
12. Dynamic characteristics: FAST, SLOW reaction rate
13. The microphone: ½ inch capacitive microphone
14. Maximum lock: MAX
15. Power supply: 1.5V AA battery 4 pieces or DC 6V 100 m A, power supreme cannot be more than DC 9V , battery life: about 30 hours(alkaline batteries)
16. Boot self-check time: 10 seconds
17. Working temperature and humidity: 0~+40 ℃, 10~80%RH
18. Storage temperature and humidity: -10~+60℃, 10~70%RH
4 calibration method
1. State set: frequency weighted A, time weighted: quick characteristics (FAST), gear: 60 to 110 decibels file
2. Put mike carefully inserting the limelight standard audio source (94 DB @ 1 KHZ) ½ inch the holes
3. Open standard audio source (94 DB@ 1 KHZ) the power switch, use a word adjust the battery door open circle of the holes in the points is an LCD display for 94.0
5 all kinds of name and function
1. Capacitor microphone
2. Display panel
3. The power switch
4. The gear switch: 30~80, 50~100, 60~110, 80~130.
5. Biggest read value function lock switch(MAX)
6. Frequency weighted (A/C) choose to switch. A frequency weighted A by ear feeling of noise. Frequency weighted C for mechanical noise characteristics
7. Time weighted (FAST/SLOW) choose to switch. FAST(speed up): use a 125 milliseconds time constant, in most cases are set to SLOW (slowly): use 1 second time constant, the constant can make the change prospective stability
8. AC analogy signal output jack(0.707 MV/every file full scale)
9. DC analog signal output jack (10 MV/DB)
10. Adjustment knob
11. External power supply DC6V input jack
12. Battery cover
13. Tripod fixed screw holes
14. Sponge ball (reduce the wind sound)
6 LCD display panel instructions
1. Measurement range instructions
2. The instantaneous sound pressure
3. The power shortage
4. The maximum
5. Noise quantity read value
6. Noise unit DB
7. A weighted and C weighted
8. Analogy characterization (1 DB/1 DEPICTS)
9. Over WARNING signs (read value more than the largest gear measurement value)
10. Slow (reaction rate)
11. Fast (reaction rate)
12. UNDER warning signs (read value below the minimum gear measurement value)
7 Before operation preparations
1. Use “+” opener to open the instrument on the back of the cell cover, mount four of AA 1.5V battery in battery seat
2. Cover back to the cover and use “+” opener to lock screw
3. When battery power shortage, LCD panel will appear symbols, the battery power will not enough, must be replaced with new battery
4. Use DC power converter, please will DC power converters output plug into the instrument of the side DC6B jack
8 operating steps
1. Press the power switch and loosen
2. Press LEVEL or choose the right gear measurement noise now, do not appear “UNDER” or “OVER” symbol primarily
3. Measure for the noise of the feeling with ears please choose DBA
4. Read the noise of the instant please select FAST amount, if the average amount that time the noise please choose SLOW
5. If want to get the maximum amount of noise according to “MAX” function keys, you can read the maximum noise
9 not automatic shutdownset
Shutdown state, long press about 3 seconds key, the display will appear “UOFF”, and then loosen key, enter the not automatic shutdown measurement state. If then press the switch machine off key, then short according to boot, the machine back 10 minutes to be automatic shutdown state. According to the above methods long press unless 3 seconds, appear “UOFF” on to enter the not automatic shutdown state.
10 Notes
1. Do not put to high temperature, moisture place to use
2. Environment noise must under the object to be tested to normal noise measurement
3. Long time don’t use , please take out the battery, avoid the electrolyte show damage the meter
4. In the outdoor the occasion of measurement noise, can be in a microphone with the wind cover; avoid the microphone directly by the wind and measurements to other noise.
5. Use environment conditions: 200 meters below, relative humidity≤80% RH,working environment temperature 0~40℃, indoor use