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Functions of breakdown self-checking and alarm warning, very convenient for customers’ maintenance and use.
Intelligent access/passage management equipment which takes us many years in its research, development and manufacturing is a high-tech product that is mainly aimed at the management of personnel passageway/access. This equipment is subtly integrated with machine, electronics, micro-processor control and ID identification, provides convenience for the use of card reader identification equipments. It can carries out intelligent control and management to the passageway through choosing various identification equipments and adopting fair, reliable security protection. Working well with IC card, ID card, bar code, fingerprint and so on those card-reading identification equipments, it provides civilized and sequential passage way to people, helps companies manage their employee effectively as well. It is widely applied to bus stations, ports, metros, factories, buildings, mansions, intelligent neighborhoods, hotels, clubs and companies who want to carry out intelligent management on passage.

Classified into two kinds: single core and double cores
Single core: mainly applied to single passage and multiple passages, Double cores: mainly applied to multiple passages.

Functions and features

1. Functions of breakdown self-checking and alarm warning, very convenient for customers’ maintenance and use.
2. Program operation mode of equipments through the little button inside the main board.
3. Double Anti-Pinch function from both machine structure and induction. Stops automatically if there is something in the way during the return /rest of the doors. If there is default time delay, it will have its second return (till it comes back to where it should be), and the force is very weak
4. Anti-rushing function: without having received the signal of opening up, the doors lock automatically.
5. Doors can be adjusted into synchronization (only for double-locks)
6. Automatic returning/resetting function: when the barriers open up, if people do not pass by within the time allowed, system will cancel the right of pass for this time. 7. Adjust it to normal open or normal closed to meet the different requirements of different fields.
8. Can be linked to many kinds of card-reading equipments and work when it has received the signal of electricity relay switch.
9. One-way and two-way in and out control of passer
10. Carry out distant control and management by directly operating computer.
11. Automatic returning /resetting when there is time delay. Normally speaking, it returns/resets five seconds after its opening.
12. When the electricity is cut off, the access opens automatically, and closes automatically when the electricity is linked. Meet the requirements of fire-fighting. 13. Sound and lights alarming: including break-in and opposite direction intrusion, and so on.
14. Counting function (optional)
15. Anti-Pinch function (four pairs of infrared)
16. Accurate logical judgment, Irda returning function (four or six pairs).
17. Speech output, human voice warning the right passing. (Optional)

3. Main structure and layout (single channel)

Framework: 2
Arms: 2
Control board: 2 sets
Direction indicating board: 4
Transformer: 3
Electric motor: 2
Illogical judgment board: 1
Infrared: 8/10 pairs
Voice module: 1 (optional)
Counting slide: 2 (optional)
Cores and transmission parts: 2 sets

4. Standard technical data

framework material: domestic standard SUS (304#)
framework size: length 1200mm, width 300mm, height 1000mm (standard)
Arms: 260 mm
weight: 80 kg
direction of entry and exit: One-way or two-way.
Power supply voltage: AC220 ±10% V/50 ±10% HZ
Drive Motor: DC brushed motors (24V)
Input interface: dry contact signal or 12V level signal, or 12V pulse signal with whose pulse width >100ms, driven electricity >10mA
Communication interface: RS485, distance ≤1200meter
LED indicating lights: Two
Card-reading windows: Two
Passing speed: 40 people/ minute (normal open), 25-30/people (normal closed)
Closing and opening time: 1-2 seconds
when electricity is linked, 3 seconds needed for it to enter into passing status.
When there is breakdown, 10 seconds needed for its automatic return/reset.
Working environment: indoor, outdoor (shelter)
Temperature: -10℃—— 50℃
Relative humility: ≤90%, no-condensation
Remark; there is somewhat deviation between real products and sample pictures