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This is available from the remote three models

* For all air conditioning units

* For all kinds of televisions

* All servers

Universal air conditionercontrol using a battery repair manual 1. Take out the battery cover from the remote control and put two new batteries inside. 2. Install the battery cover. Press the “power” or “mode” key, later it can work and this remote control has memory when power off, battery interval replacement time can be more than 30 seconds remote control mode This remote control has three modes mode (A, B, and C). Please choose which one to work with. Suitable for digital automatic search model 1. Open the air scanning power supply, remote control under the air conditioners 2. Press the “Select” key for 3 seconds. Please release when the standby type is flashing in the frame. Then press the “Power Supply” key (about 6 seconds). Please release again when the model icon flashing in the window.Increase at this time to enter the code every two seconds, “1” state of automatic search for applicable models, pay attention to your air conditioner until the air conditioner automatically turns on/off, press ” Confirm” the match key is set. Note: When the air conditioner is on or off, the typical code display on the air conditioner is its symbol. Manually enter the method code 1. Manually open the air conditioner power supply, find the model of the air conditioner, one code first. 2. Press “Select” key for 3 seconds and release when the model icon is flashing in the window. Press the “Temperature” key, until the one icon you need is flashing in the window. 3. Press “Confirm” key, the machine model icon will stop flashing. 4. Test the air conditioner switch effective or not. If yes, setup is finished. If not, please repeat steps 2-4. NS. Method guide Code search 1. Manualopens power supply of air conditioner. Air conditioner in the receiving window 2. Press the “Select” key for 3 seconds and release when the model icon is flashing in the window. About what press the “temperature” key, and please pay attention to the condition of the air conditioner. Until the air conditioner automatically turns on / off, press “Confirm” the match key is set. Final setup Note: . To ensure that your air conditioner receiver is normal, and the remote control to be effective this remote control can add more functions to your air conditioner. If the air conditioner does not have a wind function, this wind switch of the remote control will be ineffective. Do not mix old and new batteries or mix different types of batteries. If the battery liquid is out, please take out the battery ASAP. Clean the battery box and change a new battery. When preparing not to use this remote control for a long time, please remove the battery if the operation is wrong, it may cause the wrong action. When this situation occurred, just remove the battery, wait for 3, 5 minutes. Replacement can afford to return to normal.