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water detector device

The pride of this invention is the birth of the latest product of the FTG global brand, it’s the comprehensive device, which is one of the modern group that issued in the beginning of the new year, there’s no competitor at all for this comprehensive device which detects by more than one modern electronic way and specialized in all what is buried or existed in the subsoil of the land from natural resources, metals, antiques, oil wells, water wells, precious stones, mines, treasures or other things.
The device explores everything and ranked the first globally up till now, it’s
The Photogrammetric system:
This system allows you to take pictures of the earth layers on varying depths and can also draw a map to the scanned place with the possibility of storage and documentation of the data in the laptop came with it, in addition to analysis of these data and displays it at any time.
The photogrammetric system allows you to scan the ground layers in two ways, namely the direct survey method and analytical survey method, as for the “direct survey method” lies in displaying the ground layers directly on the laptop with the possibility of analyzing the data at any point to be examined.
As for the “analytical survey method” lies in the survey and storage of area data that its technical specifications and size entered in advance, to adjust the device calibration to fit with those specifications, the device automatically analyze and store the data with the ability to display the image in a three-dimensional way with colors of scientific indicators shows the components and structure of the scanned area layers.
Geological system:
A high-tech system that analyze geologically the soil layers in order to examine the nature of the soil and its content of elements, where the idea of the device based on using a high resolution supportive screen to give the best result with the clarification and interpretation of those readings on the main screen of the device.
Frequency system:
This innovative system uses the frequency scanning to the ground layers to a range of 4 kilometers after the use of filters and high-tech pumps to develop and improve the performance of this system, where it broadcasts the frequencies through the ground probes (sensors) causing influence on the ground waves to interfere with them, and then routing through the router is indicative of the antenna to the location of the target in a clear manner.
Ionic system:
The idea summarized in the ionic tracking to the search elements where it finds the strongest invisible power line connects the device with the desired elements then go direct to the places of their presence through a flexible movement while giving the vibrations voice received from the body through the antennas.
Electromagnetic system:
One of the most developed systems in this device, as well as the idea which it is built on, where it measures and analyzes the electromagnetic waves emitted from the desired elements, in addition to giving beep sound and the cursor on the screen to draw an approximate shape to the underground objects depending on the signal received after analyzing and passing on several high quality digital filters in order to give more accurate perception of those elements.
Power system:
Although the amount of power needed to run a device with such facilities and capabilities, our experts were able to develop the power system with the possibility of operating for a minimum of 3 continuous working hours, what distinguishes this system are the high capacity lithium batteries, also used innovative methods in loading and unloading operations, when power runs out, the screen light automatically turned off and the work of all the systems internally stops, and run just the power system which is an indicator that gives a complete data about the battery and the approximate operating time.
When charging the device the power supply makes the best choice of charging process maintaining the batteries default life , when charging is complete the screen lighting automatically runs indicative to the end of charging time, and also disconnect the charger automatically alerting to another work period with
2- The device works according to a set of programs and modern systems derived from the best innovation in detection and exploration methods in the subsoil of the land.
3- Contains a set of multi exploratory systems, which send and receive the electronic signals, vibrations, sensor waves, radiations and electrical frequencies in a professional ways in exploring the targets and required materials.
4- The device scan a distance of 4 kilometer square very accurate and could easily link and connect the targets, elements and materials to be detected with the device from vast areas in electronic compatibility method.
5- The device does the filtering and purification processes to the signal received and accurately analyzed by special units controlled by the device with no interfere from the user.
6- The device runs automatically and program itself on the quality of the land (the soil), doing the blending operations, calibration and the ground balance electronically with no interfere from the operator.
7- It translates the exploration operations and come to analyze and know electronically the details of required search element.
8- The machine consists of hard plastic and sensitive electronic chips to give strength, solidity and ability to work under pressure in all types of environment.
9- The device is not affected by any influences or interferes such as different terrains, climate and environment, it works with the same precision search method in all types of land and penetrates the core of the soil.
10- The device have controlling units, sensors and high definition display screens LCD which stand out and give all the discovered data through the condensed indicators optical, audio, video and television very clearly.
11- explores and detects in regions with extreme difficulty in drilling operations especially on the mountainous, rocky, dusty and sand areas in addition to the salty soil with the same real power of the device without being influenced at all.
12- The device detects the depth of the land up to 350 feet in the property of metals exploration.
13- The device search and prospect for the underground water and wells to a depth of 5100 feet.
14- Search for the Petrol to a depth of 9000 feet.
15- The device has an ownership card, scientific and practical certificate during the training course provided by the company.
16- One year warranty and guarantee with the maintenance document approved internationally. Price 125000$