Many people make diving trips in seas and oceans to explore its wealth and benefits, but there is another world full of treasures and natural wealth, which is ” Future Treasures” group of companies explore it.
So they invent one of the best devices that take you to this unknown and secret world to see it, by your own eyes, in your own place, the treasures, mineral wealth and other secrets of the Earth, see it for the first time, with that survey device NASATECH DIGITAL 3000.
The idea of the device:
The device does a geological survey operation for the search area through so sensitive specialized electronic devices, and then you can see by your own eyes everything under the surface of the earth through the computer that makes a complete and comprehensive illustration operations for the search areas, as this computer has many high technique, accurate characteristics and specializations in using analyzing data operations, by using the three-dimensional photo trait makes you feel as if you hold the target and touched it, however the vast distance from you, actually it is the best device you could depend on it through your discovery and search operations.
Features and specifications:
1. It contains 8 sensitive sensors.
2. The devise explores till the depth of 25 meter.
3. This device has a simple analytical program that is considered as the last version of the third-dimensional analysis program.
4. The device explores (gold, silver, diamond, bronze, bulletin, zinc, lead, groundwater, caves, jewels and other minerals).
The technical Standers:
1. Very accuracy in working, analyzing and results.
2. Transmission, direct video and storing everything in the interior of the earth.
3. The device ability to work on any kind of soil, topography and working in the highest degree of temperature and humidity, and it isn’t affected by any climatic circumstance.
The device component:
1. Programmed material on a CD.
2. Front bag (front and behind).
3. Batteries and chargers devices.
4. Laptop.
5. Control unit.
6. Carriage bag.
7. Educational CD.
8. Arabic& English catalogue.
9. International ensure for a year.
Search system device:aguideline, a3 Dimaging system and audio EM
Ground-term depth: 20meters
Front Range Horizontalscan: 500 meters
Industry: U.S.A