For a long time, Golden Mobile 3000 device was manufactures and marketed in the universal markets. As this device acquired such a great reputation and unprecedented demands, Future Treasures Companies and factories group developed this device, adding some new advanced technology and rooted modifications that give the device the ability to challenge any other devices, and become at the top of the photographic devices.
The idea of the Device:
The device is manufactured with developed innovative and scientific theory certified in our Factories which is the modern geological survey and added on it a special and unique system to be able to work with an effective accurate exploratory system.
The device searches by sending high frequency sensation waves which work and connect in air, water and through the soil, then the device receives the valuable targets from vast distances and deep depths with quick and accurate way and gives data light and audio warnings the guidance indicators that signifies the gold, treasures and caves locations.
The device contains PC device that contain programs analysis for targets when it picked up, determine its place and monitor its directions precisely, then gives the user the goals statement reaching to the target and determine the treasure center, depth, size and explanatory data which assure that the target become ready to explore it .
Features and specifications:
1. Exclusive unique developed version in the whole world.
2. The device works with unique method makes it gives the results precisely and quickly together.
3. The device determines the target center and measures the depth and the size of the explored target.
4. The device explores the target direction and gives the right track to reach to the explored target.
5. Golden Mobile 3000 device distinguish with complete easiness in using for any person whoever he was.
6. The device does not influenced by any fire, volcanic and basaltic rocks as it also works with very power and accuracy in mountains, valleys, hard rock’s area and very rugged ones.
7. The device penetrates effectively all the ground layers and borders which is consist of all kinds of topography, control the monitoring of golden goals in a very vast area and stabilize it from very far distances.
8. The device works with a magnificent exploratory system in all areas, fields and historical cities; it also has a unique feature in exploring the buried goals in wall, aqueducts, castles and stony safes.
9. The device works in all seasons, in all day and night times, in different earth topography and in all weather conditions as it is programmed to work efficiently in all kinds of environment.
The technical Standers:
1. The device explores for 30m depths.
2. The device search and survey for 2km Front Range.
3. It works to explore gold and treasures only.
4. The device works in old churches, cells, castles, fences and walls quietly and an affirmative monitoring of goals without any burden, exhaustion, movement, destruction, transportation or ruined of any of these buildings.
5. The device works in a safe and secret exploratory field as it does not affect with any outside influences or cause any disruption on the wire or wireless communication devices.
6. The device works with absolute power and complete effectiveness by sending and receiving exploratory signals through soil, air and water.
7. The device includes high quality specifications, unique technical, technological qualifications and consists of many features which surprise you when you own it.
The device components:
1. The main unit.
2. Electronic receiving unit for signals.
3. Developed Dell Mobile to analysis the signal and guidance.
4. Educational CD.
5. International ensure for a year.
6. Arabic and English catalog.
7. Reinforced Aluminum bag to protect the device from inside.
Made in USA
Search system device: audio system em, 2Dimaging system
Ground-term depth: 20meters
Front Range horizontalSurvey:1250meters
Industry: U.S.A