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eagle eye

Serching : All Metals, Caves, Ground Water – Depth: 50/80/1500 M Water
Long Range:5000 M Sq – Power: 12 V
This device is a professional and comprehensive one for the companies, factories, government institutions, private and public sectors, as well as for the professionals in the detection and exploration processes, it is “Eagle Eye” device the specialized in the detection and exploration for minerals and precious metals, it has a unique ability to distinguish the precious burials in the ground especially gold, silver, diamonds and treasures.
The strength and effectiveness of this device is incomparable with other devices, it is a comprehensive station sends and receives all types of signals in air and ground, and monitors it with sensitivity and high accuracy.
A new unique device provided by global FTG companies and factories group, announcing its success in innovating a global comprehensive device that combines between the force in performance and strength of the design, to shine in the horizon of technology the developed prospector and detector for gold, treasures, underground water and caves in the depths of the land, it is “Eagle Eye”.
The device depends on different detection theories merged with internal high accurate and sensitive “Mother Board unit”, each system make a special scan and present the results of detection on high definition LCD screen.
It includes frequency, ionic, geological, electromagnetic and imaging systems, to operate fully detection and exploration process for all what is hidden in the subsoil of the land from treasures and minerals to show its features on the surface of the ground, thanks to the efficient technologies that Eagle Eye deals with in the extraction of these natural wealth and utilizes to the fullest.
The idea of the device:
The device works by the supported advanced search wizard, capable of penetrating the different soil layers and make a geological scan to reach the targets of far depths, to support first “FRQ system” the detection process and determine the explored targets type, the second system “Ionic System” search by electric waves to identify the static ions for targets to a distance of 100 meter, then the third system “Pin Point” works on distinguishing each metal separately and give audio alert signals at the target center point, then the fourth system “Geological System” determine the targets even if it was in a great depths and identify it accurately, the fifth system “Imaging System” confirms after making a comprehensive layers scan for the soil, to watch on your computer screen the size and depth of detected targets of any kind under the surface of the ground.
Technical Specifications:
1- FRQ System
The FRQ System Specifications:
1- Depth of ground detection: 50 meter.
2- Horizontal range for survey: 5000 m/sq.
3- The detection properties: Gold – Caves – Underground water.
4- Optical signals show the kind of detected metal.
5- An element to control the selection of detection type.
6- Input to the ground probe.
7- Output to the line finder unit.
8- The control element in operating and stop the system.
– FRQ System Accessories
– Parts and Attachments of FRQ system:
1- Broadcasting station “Long Range” equipped with radar units of Long range.
2- FRQ unit for the Sun Shine system, contains 18 metal attached with the device.
3- The “I Ground” unit.
4- The frequency survey system (ground – antenna).
5- The sensor unit “Short Range”.
6- The signal strengthening unit (receiver).
1- Detection depth: 10 meter for big targets, 6 meter for the small.
2- Power System.
3- Special element for system sensitivity.
4- 2 calibration systems.
5- Coil input.
6- Headphone input.
7- Speaker.
– Pin Pointer Accessories
1- Hand stick.
2- Headphone.
3- Coil.
3- Geology System
1- Detection depth: 69 meter.
2- Control element in system operating (power).
3- Ethernet output to Connect with laptop.
4- Probe input.
– Geology System Accessories
1- Hand stick.
2- Probe sensors.
3- External battery for imaging
4- System work.12V/4.5A
5- LAN Cable.
4- Imaging system
1- Detection depth: 69 meter.
2- Control element in system operating (power).
3- Ethernet output to Connect with laptop.
4- Probe input.
– Imaging System Accessories
1- Hand stick.
2- Probe sensors.
3- External battery for imaging System work.12V/4.5A
4- LAN Cable.
5- Laptop.
5- Ionic System
1- Detect Gold.
2- Detection depth: 30 meter.
3- Front Range: 500 meter.
4- Control system in operating and stop the power.
5- Sensitivity calibration system.
6- Low battery light.
7- Charger input.
8- Headphone input.
9- Charger 15V/5A.
10- Headphone.
11- Hand.
12- Antenna transmitter 5 KHz.
13- Charger 15V/5A.
– E.M System Unit
1- Ionic sensor.
2- Optical signals to indicate the presence of the target.
3- Charger input.
4- The Pressing system to operate the device.
5- Speaker.
The Charging Method:
1- External Battery Input.
2- Low Battery Light.
3- Charger Input.



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