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Serching : Oil, Gas, Petrol – Depth: 4 KM/6KM/5KM – Long Range:5000 M Sq – Power: 12 V
A lot of mining companies have suffered in extracting oil and natural gas from the core of the land and using hard and difficult methods in discovering it, therefore the FTG has introduced the best solution for corporations, governments, public and private sectors in exploring oil and natural gas by creating Black Gold device which shortened many of the devices and equipments, as it also saved the effort and time in extracting the oil from the ground.
Black Gold has contributed in achieving great achievements and discoveries in the United States of America, Australia and Africa, and now came the turn on Asia and Middle East to accomplish other achievements, because the Middle East contains about 67% of the world’s oil, its reserves is about 660 billion barrel, Saudi Arabia has about 258 billion barrels or about a quarter of world reserves, most of Saudi Arabia oil is in areas adjacent to the Arabian Gulf, and each of the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait has about one tenth 1/10 of total world oil reserves.
We invite you to watch” Black Gold” at our showrooms in Dubai to enjoy all what is new and unique in the world of detection and exploration for oil and natural gas.
The idea of the device:
There are many uses for “Black Gold” because it used various exploration theories; there is the frequency system that detects crude oil and gas from long distances, then the geological class system identifies and locates the places of leak oil to the surface, places of cracks and folds and the region strategy.
The imaging system measures the intensity of the magnetic field to the land from one place to another, and determines the thickness of the oil reservoir sedimentary layer.
Technical specifications:
1- Digital screen shows all the detection and exploration operations during the detection process.
2- Controls elements in the device (power), and controls in various detection processes.
3- FRQ advanced system
– Depth of ground detection: 20000 feet.
– Front range for detection: 10000 sq /m.
– Specialized for the detection of: petrol – oil – gas – water.
It scans the area at the beginning of the detection process to recognize the remote targets locations and determines its directions and speed accurately.
4- Geology System
It penetrates the soil to reveal the presence of natural elements from oil, natural gas and underground water, to recognize the depth and their position in the soil.
5- The imaging system
It takes a picture to the center point, and shows all the data and the information of detection elements from the size and quantity on the computer screen of the device.

System: 3Dimagingsystem of remote sensing+guideline+Sizima+bandwidth
Depth: 700meters
Range: 5000 meters

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