Welcome blessing to all our customers all over the world and invite all those who have the ambition and vision right in achieving tomorrow bright to be kind enough to visit our showrooms or our official website this and matching it is good, because we are fully aware that Alasraaro determination behind success in achieving what Asaboaleh rights.
We are pleased to offer you all the necessary services before, during and after your purchase, Novrlkm many of integrated programs that help the client and qualify him to be a leading skilled in the arts of exploration and research scientific methods correct, which yields explorations real valuable in as little time as possible, depending on the hardware USA FTG which has been manufactured by the standards of international quality and efficient high-performance and precision, where our devices working with the best global systems and factory specifications unique is the first globally.
Today, we are in the FTG are fully aware that what we have Hoalahdt and the best ever and proof all of our customers who viewed showrooms closely and enjoyed the acquisition of the latest devices that have been utilized and return them satisfied fully, if the new version innovative and specifications brilliant and distinctive universally gave the character a distinct and elegant special freed in the marketing of all that is rarely successful
Renewed all our showrooms heart and a template of modern equipment and my new team gives a bright hope for everyone who wants work sites detection treasures in the right way.
A large group of experts working group for FTG gives a bit much for each client, where of interest to all engineers, trainers and technicians and specialists in operations research and exploration to create a great idea when the client methods and how to exploration, and provide all kinds of very important information for each miner and explorer, and give all kinds of assistance and comprehensive education and training which entitles the user to professionalism in career exploration and be an ideal exploring the use of the device and to deal with him and Explorers.
International procurement guarantees
1 – To ensure international sponsorship for a year and free repairs, except in cases of breakage and misuse.
2 – Form to ensure the transfer of international financial and shipping.
3 – Field Operation experience before buying.
FTG names to claim the title, we assure that in spite of all those assurances that we serve our clients properly even cut doubt any request was certainty and demonstrate our long experience in the market to date.
Dear gentlemen: The process of developing all the prices on our official website This is to facilitate choosing the appropriate device you as well as for not falling into any errors with distributors of others and the policy of this price variable according to the global market and we are keen always to put the prices that suit everyone customers and distributors to be or are interested in their requests and provided them.
As for the deals offered by the parent company of discounts and Gifts & Copnat and other offerings will be declared and displayed in our offers section for this month.
We remain committed to our customers to provide the best prices and services as well as everybody knows that the product without the guarantee and warranty and accessories, training and experience does not mean anything when presented at a cheap price Fabdrjh First come the services we offer through integrated program that regaining all of our customers from all over the place.

We know full well that the price of hardware products FTG, prices are competitive and accessible to everyone and that the offer of a new technology built-in device makes it a collection devices double in a single device for offers to be true in the process of detection and exploration to the fullest, and also we can not count and recall even a small part of the great services provided by the services to our customers as well as what we offer through the “integrated program” that leads right to the customer service before, during and after the purchase of this in addition to continuous monitoring and international warranty for one year on the device
We believe that all of these features and services make our excellent services at a price, but is in our view and in the view of both wise very low in price and God bless.
Dear Customer
If you are a new customer, and in the case of your desire to ensure that the amount transferred to our account, as well as confirm the shipping to your side, you only need to fill in the Application (Form ensure international procurement) of the international sales department is full warranty for the arrival of the goods to you.
This warranty is for the delivery of its safety have until the arrival of the goods.
We assure all our valued customers who can not reach us can packaging (Form ensure international procurement) from the site immediately, packaged and sent to us and then signed by the international sales department will send you a fax Oalemal, please save it until the receipt of the goods, and this is the desire of the client and not imposed.

FTG Company announces that the business processes in the buying and selling and marketing does not only take place through the parent company and all its subsidiaries and authorized distributors around the world and their statements and information mentioned in the official website of this.
We should point our customers that the means of communication and the buying and selling supported are represented titles branches, exhibitions and fixed-line, mobile and e-mail only published on the website of the Bmjmuatna in the list of agents and distributors, which are approved by the central administration in the parent company and otherwise addresses, phones, e-mail, it does not provide the onion Bmjmuatna and warn of the handle.
Purchase orders:
That’s where there is a demand continuously on all our products sometimes exhausted all goods please customers in case of unavailability of goods in the warehouses of dealers and distributors that they transfer the full amount to the bank account approved and wait 3 to 5 weeks for the arrival of the goods and that’s what stress in the case of a request setups non-existent in the galleries and stores.
As for the orders for goods and ready-made devices be sent to customers after receipt of full payment and shipping fees.
Security: We certified company and the only one in the world that offers security safe for all our customers since more than 30 years and we Nhafed the confidentiality of our customers and their information and not accept traded under any Dharv was evidence of this is the march of 30 years of shipping and delivery and sales warranty and Hfada to our customers at all stages of their business from the time of purchase to sing God willing This Maishdh everyone without exception. Purchase and replacement service
our multiple, is considered one of the greatest services benefit and the benefit to customers in all parts of the ground and among the best of these premium services are buying service agencies evolving global and modern in terms of our business relationship excellence with companies and factories World chose you the finest and the best to be your hands, but the large number of the use of devices and Exhaust lack of places Navigator in Khanh boredom and fatigue, so we like to shorten long haul and make exploration summit of magnificence and utility service by finding replace the old Ajhzatkm with all types to sophisticated devices with effectiveness and Odgah the infinitely
Please send complete information about your ancient and modern picture of him and the invoice value of the purchase and after three days we evaluate the device initially and inform you of the value and then deducted the amount of the value of the new device agreed upon and sent to your address.
In the case of a request maintenance any organ of disclosure, we are ready to work maintaining a complete and comprehensive him what you only send the image device and the invoice value and the problem a full report will Aisallk cost over two days in the case of the emergence of later any defect or malfunction another device are you of the total cost before the reform process , in addition to the presence of scanners are sophisticated We show the path of the device and measuring the frequency and energy sending and receiving him, in addition to the presence of development programs and extensions basic ride with any device was to strengthen the signal and measure the Distance depth, size and range of the target and this offer on demand.
Note to provide the finest and best price Please send all information required for the device so as to provide quick service and not to cancel the request

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