The long experience and expeditions and branches many of our company awarded professionalism in this jurisdiction by our customers and dealers turned the company after twenty years of company selling products detectors to mining company and explore the international advanced remarkable progress in the tender, experience and quality for its services and activities and high-quality products and performance Excellent I have dedicated the company during the past years great efforts exerted in providing the best and finest corporate disclosure and exploration and explorers of engineers, geologists and amateur owners adventures, as well as the company has gained considerable experience through tours to explore the historic cities and archaeological sites and ancient history and in conjunction with a lot of centers of research at several Arab and foreign countries and facilities many foreign missions.

This is what has been gained and give you experience in providing modern exploration methods and provide better products and services to all our customers and to those who wish to know what hidden in the land of the treasures and mysteries of ancient and raised ..

Our company have different areas in the sale and marketing of detectors and prospecting and analysis equipment, test and measurement must stand on the classification of some of the machines and offer some services provided by the company.
1 – available to us detectors and prospecting for gold and minerals and gemstones.

* – Specialize marketed to all amateur explorers and prospectors for gold and treasures and burials and archaeological areas.
Benefit the ministries and bodies, offices and agencies concerned in metals and Antiquities.
* Suitable for companies and institutions in agrarian reform and contracting companies prospecting for precious metals and gold ore.
* Have the benefits geological studies institutes, universities and private colleges and Department of Physics and Engineering.

2 – faults detectors ground for maintenance mistakes and breakdowns metal pipes and electric cables and oil and gas pipelines and the like.

* A pictorial devices suitable for filming locations faults resulting from the construction of roads and the maintenance and repair, providing the time and effort and money to repair a particular place rather than a large drain of the site and the project.

3 – detectors groundwater and artesian wells

* Specialized equipment to clear the ground systems to identify critical areas and sites rich with water and stress the system to confirm the validity of Geological unexplored waters and classified, depth and taking data in detail and uncertain.
* Suitable for beginning and geological research centers and farm owners and real estate and construction companies and crushers and large workshops with large projects.

4 – gas detection instruments and oil …

* Are scientific instruments with the principles and rules superior in technology and modern technology to search for oil and gas in the vast spaces and see the fields of petroleum and the whereabouts of oil wells and identifies the elite and the quality and depth of oil through detailed reports and fixed confirmed the information.
* Suitable for the Ministry of Petroleum and companies and institutions specialized in oil exploration.

5 – guard and protection devices and security

* A specialized hardware for all the sensitive areas such as the ministries, embassies and ports and luxury complexes, markets and important buildings and tourist areas.

* – Suitable for companies and security guard.
* Very useful for airports and border crossings.
* Useful for markets and societies and major supermarkets and hotels and shop stays and apartments.
* Provide full protection and heavily guarded for people and give confidence to tourists wander in all the important areas and tourism in each country.

6 – jewelry detectors:

* Are specialized devices for areas filled with diamonds and precious stones such as African CFA South and raw mineral-rich areas.
* Useful for shops and companies buying and selling jewelry.
* Suitable for amateur explorers and geologists and adventurers in the detection and exploration.

7 – scanners jewelry, diamonds, gold and gemstones.

* Are precision instruments to learn of other precious stones.
* Very important to check the stones and lobes, diamonds and know the degree of purity.
* Useful for owners of gold and jewelry shops.
* Suitable for customers who are interested in buying rare pieces of gemstones.
* Useful for laboratories and exhibitions held in the presentation of jewelry and precious stones

We Organization Global Exploration, which is the Institute and academy U.S. specialized in the works of exploration and mining of precious metals and gold and jewelery and diamonds and gemstones and caves and caverns underground in addition to the discovery of tunnels and ancient tombs and take-off and historical cities hidden under the ground, and evolved work of the organization even became include the discovery and exploration of petroleum, oil and gas, diamonds and groundwater and wells, this is a business that carried out by our group World in agreement with the companies and big factories, and many companies and government institutions, and has grown our business and become certified for businessmen and landowners, farms and mines, particularly in Africa, to offer them to him working through providing the best products to create the best explorations and crew training have a business and sometimes to participate in the work of prospecting and exploration.
That what we offer today’s devices global sophisticated made exploration profession with pleasure real to reach the goals and the best and easiest way at all, but that what is repeated with the client from problems due to hardware is known to us because we have a competence in Geologic ground and care must be taken in the following matters:
1_ not choose the right device for the right place
2_ do not choose the device by Dialoging who have experience from the soil layers
3_ Choosing a lot of specialized detectors and to the coast and work in mountainous areas
4_ lack of experience in the selection of hardware specifications and lack of control in all its
5_ the presence of impurities many and saturated soil from mineral ores, as well as trade radio and thermal energy in the impact of the sun and the basalt rock and metals different all cluttered setups and prevent it from working properly, so there must be a filter to purify the soil before work and this is what distinguished by its.

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