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Our showrooms, includes a specialized category for special tools that have a need to take it into the water which are underwater photographing cameras, exploration detectors, prospecting for minerals and underwater treasures devices.

These devices and tools have many necessities and uses which include:
1- They are suitable for yachts and pleasure boats which carry tourists on its board, and through the presence of these cameras tourists can see the depths, look at the bottom of the sea for seeing coral reefs and sea creatures.
2- Divers are using these devices to detect metal under water in the case of losing something or searching for fish.
3- With our devices boat can shoot the deep sea while the user is walking and then will appear which fish in the sea, creatures, coral reefs, and any old deposits or accumulations from old sunken ships, wars monuments and the remnants of old fleets.
4- These devices are used at diving centers, Sea amateurs and yachts owners as it have a lot of fun and entertainment, it have a lot of demands for them and in a permanent way as it have a big role in knowing the sea science.
5- The company presents interesting offers on the detection devices and modern shooting devices for diving centers, the exhibitions of selling tools marine, coast guardsman forces and frogmen.
6- Excellent offers on GPS modern global devices specialized in navy and others, which works everywhere to locate the position, as it transmit and connected with the satellite, they are available and have a great potentials and have different models and types for all the needs and the required means.
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Note: You must be Scouting at sea far from the boat made of aluminum

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