Manufacture sets factories and companies F TJ apparatus of materials and plastics strong and solid to give the durability, strength and stability of large on the ground in addition to the bag of the kind excellent protection device and accessories available from and all in their rightful place in the bag as well as catalogs and English and CD and Securities device and all its accessories.
We ensure for one year on each of our machinery is breakage, misuse not NH is not within the warranty In case of any emergency or problem in the device must first be played lock or conquest several times and change the battery or shipped in and out of place for 10 minutes and then installed once Other If the problem remains must be drawn on the keys they are working through their accessibility, and their experience on the ground
If the problem persists must News our maintenance section for a detailed case If the problem is a simple and easy will be instructed, as in the case of a technical failure must send the device or send broken piece to repair.
Dear Customer
Please maintain the device through the following steps:
Device must be shipped sufficient duration and assigned to him
Device must scan and clean a soft, clean towel is wet after each use
Must not be allowed to access any device fluids
Not to put it in places too hot or exposed to sun for a long time
Should not be exposed to severe dust NH main enemy of all electronics
Must deal with the device that made you learn it properly and not allow others to use

All of what we make you keep items on device for a long time properly and works effectively absolute and accurate
Dear Customer
After the arrival of our machine will receive a customer coupon receipt of the maintenance department or send him with surrounding tentative about device status upon receipt, and then is sent to work thorough examination him and trouble shooting and writing a detailed report him to send to the client and that within 3 days of receipt of the device, and If approved, the reform, is the process of maintenance and repair the device and is delivered or the message after sending the coupon receipt and we apologize for extradition, but the existence of a voucher receipt ..
Any services related to the product on or develop the technical support or add programs or update welcome to contact Please note that the service center in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai Branch) received only maintenance devices on Wednesday of each week from 9 am to 8 pm.
It is also available extensions and accessories and spare parts are optional for all devices, and special devices to measure the depth, size and programs pictorial de please send a photo device, whether from us or from anywhere around the world can offer you optional accessories new suit with the device to give poise and a stronger signal of Previous and get goals secured with certainty as well as the status of your order to any catalog or video in Arabic and English for any device it available to us and nominal prices
Examined within the warranty free repair within the warranty except breakage, misuse free, repair free defects, processors, malfunction free surface, malfunction due to the large number of free use
Examination without bail of $ 500, repair and maintenance of the device without a $ 1,000 bail, repair and maintenance of the device due to misuse, breakage or falling or not the correct use starting from $ 700 in addition to the price cutting Replaced
1 – Unit Ground send $ 500
2 – Send an antenna unit 500%
3 – Send Ground unit antenna 900 $
4 – Unit Send and receive $ 1,200
5 – Unit intensive signal reception $ 500
6 – square antenna 700 $
7 – antennas or poles of remote sensing $ 500
8 – Battery 12 volt $ 500
9 – Battery 24 volt $ 750
10 – Power cable or electrical connections or $ 500
11 – 3D software installation or maintenance of $ 1,500
12 – Maintenance and repair urgent and comprehensive less than 3 days $ 2,500
13 – catalogs and brochures English for any device Arab Prices start from $ 500 and above
14 – A training course on imaging equipment $ 1,500
15 – A training course on the devices other non graphic $ 1,000

In the case of the presence of the client the time of purchase and visit one of our showrooms, it has a free services of the Integrated Programme Among these programs are service training session either in the case of the presence of the customer after the purchase, even if one day shall be training courses as mentioned fees, also warn of customers that the malfunction devices be due to lack of Viewing session or not to read catalogs or review educational video

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