Dear customers:
You know very well that we are present in markets for more than 3 decades and throughout this period and we publish and the lifting of all information and data on our websites to facilitate their access to customers and correctly and easy and healthy, but we regret that we have been hacking and manipulation and cloning of all our data and information to the people and websites other and claim that they are the owners.
We are the oldest company in the Middle East in this area and everyone is attested to by our desire to provide expertise, advice and guidance to all our customers, we go to them these points in order to be a wake-up call and a reminder as well as a warning so as not located in any mistakes and problems:
1. There are a lot of devices on the market and incorrect in some times are not Genuine tire user applies proverb that says ((Many jogging a few hunting)), but that Arad result easy and fast only has to attend to the right place and also said Harun al-Rashid of the cloud ((go where Hita Fajrajk I)) This summary speech.
2. Attention in the case of communications and correspondence that are on the ground and fixed telephony as well as the use of the emails published only in the correct websites.
3. Stay away from forums and websites and electronic markets phantom phantom and that do not contain addresses and commercial licenses.
4. Attention of the reproduction of the information and data from our official website to other sites and forums This indicates theft, deception and forgery.
5. Arab proverb says ((message read from the title)) the volume and amplify websites and forums with pictures and this information does not indicate the credibility and strength of the trader but know through his position and address.
6. The lack of licenses, business records and record global trade are proving to those commercial and industrial establishments no credibility.
7. The large number of commercial companies and websites website and the beginning and end of the shops, continuity and history of closed and open other new titles are a sign of falsity.
8. Multiple sites and changing institutions and companies, as well as for forums and websites ((website)) is a sign of lack of credibility.
9. Lack of bank addresses and phone numbers and the names of dealers with them as the facility is also a sign of the lack of credibility.
10. The phantom forums and websites and commercials violate the sanctity of the symptoms of people and therefore are non-existent, but in the world of Internet legal Valmlhakat and many requirements, but please beware of dealing with them, but it was official and 100% legal.

Brand and brand FTG USA
Announce to all our customers that this trademark is registered in the U.S. and in the Gulf states and owns licenses for commercial and industrial to engage in the activities described in this official website and we hope all Zorana and customers dealing with addresses and phone numbers, mobiles and emails published in the official website only, to avoid not falling In any confusion or problem, God forbid.

This is the official website and all rights agency, brand and intellectual property reserved for our registered.

Beware of exploitation or falsify or imitate any of our products and our and our names business because it is considered a breach and violation is punishable by law, and prevents the printing and reproduction of photography and imaging, and in any way for any of our information private and exploited in the things abusive or business.

We are always reminded that the purchase of counterfeit devices and counterfeit products and other consumer harm, the developer, publisher and trader expect in big business problems rather than on material losses scandalous.

We reiterate the warning that ((Not all that glitters is not gold)) Valigraat too many Unfortunately, the person hiding behind the scenes such as forums phantom speaks strongly because he knows that no one can reach him presents of topics and information and prices, what is the placebo and found it funky.

FTG USA only authorized agent in the Middle East for the group companies and factories around the world in the Systems and the activities and competence of the detectors and exploration of all kinds and forms and its work and functions in addition to types of global and unique set of Alxtronaat different products with excellence and character beautiful.