A group GROUB FTG meritorious service of its kind to offer a certain class of society rich and unique products of its kind to be within the reach of their hands to lease or installment service developed for low-income and who have difficulty of owning such a global hardware.
Dear customer you can now you buy, where we are dealing with all the banks in the various banking operations and financial You can then receipt of a quote from us and submit it to the bank that suits you or the bank, which is converted salary it and then you receive the device from us and are paid premiums monthly to the bank according to your agreement with them.

In the case of the difficulty of achieving that for some reason you can installment amount by the Legal Office Special Advisory in our group to facilitate the process by installments and requires payment of half of the advance and the value 3 is written checks and trust receipts for the remaining amount.
As for the rent has been developed to suit the owners of temporary needs it in case of loss Oziaa gold jewelry or valuables office or home or in the wild so we know they need the device temporary So we provide this service and good prices taxis are depending on each category and sections of the hardware:
1 – an electromagnetic device for rental for a day $ 499
2 – Hire a guideline for the day $ 750
3 – Rentals remote sensing device for orientation day $ 900
4 – Rentals imaging device for day $ 2,500
5 – Hire a laser device for $ 300 a day
Lease terms of the lease must be signed as well as put out a personal card supported the signing of the delivery of the Secretariat of the imminent signing of the value of the device and retrieves all documents after the delivery of the device has also been received properly and works in good condition.
The time of delivery to the client machine is the same time the device is received from him on the second day.

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