The brand (FTG USA ) is a registered trademark and internationally certified and enjoy this brand of high quality and specifications excellent and unique, has become today the brand with global technology and have the characteristics of high performance where it enjoys apparatus manufacturing unique durability and ruggedness and wonderful design which results in easy work The movement and optimal use.
The devices and products brand (FTG USA) global manufacturing and incomparable at all because they manufactured technology and modern technology to display information and data are in a very precise through the LCD and programs (software) and include several different systems to give analysis and accurate data .
That this brand name for the bright in the world of technology and technology and exclusively also manufactures devices discovery and exploration of ammunition and burials, treasures and wealth underlying precious metals and gems and jewelers, oil, oil and gas and all that is important in the ground and the sea.
Dealing with a wide range of companies and factories world in manufacturing a series of products F TJ for distribution around the world and provide services to customers in the best way, that what has been updated with our factories around the world led to this radical for our products and our for excellence worldwide for the rest of the devices in the world.
Manufactured products are designed F T G USA carefully to have distinctive character of quality and features and specifications of global technology even in line with the world market, that our products provide accuracy in their work in terms of measurement, testing and discovery, analysis and information with great accuracy and seamlessly These are brand F TG USA World .
Thousands of scientific theories have combined to produce the most powerful devices and products in all areas of trade and economic, scientific and geology, medical, electronic and electrical all are in the F T G USA brand world, where was named (magical Brand).
The effective performance, size, ease. Durability, quality, excellence. Efficiency, service, warranty, meets all the brand F TG USA, that the tests numerous tests and many tests and intense for our products and our over 3 decades ago formed the brand to become a global brand conferred from entering into the global market and spread around the world.
F TG Group USA is supportive and effective contributor to the formation and success of this brand that make it unique and characterized by quality, shape and performance and specifications.
Dear Sirs,
When you watch the logo (Logo) F TG This indicates the quality and safety of the product and the multiple services many you benefit from them through Acquirable you for one products and devices F TG USA, where uniquely and excel in this brand global, which is a registered trademark of our group.
The ongoing maintenance and services and developments created and automatically found to serve you as well as keep pace with science and international development, continuously and permanently for all our machinery is to give you the best face displayed and marketed in all the global and local markets.
We offer many models and types and varieties of our machinery of a series of this brand to meet together in the framework of technical progress and geological and development always as well as in the case of devices exploration of devices and brand F T G USA where he became exploration is a real pleasure to work to explore the ground and addition of the treasures and BuriedGold and Jewelry, silver and diamonds.
Upscale style in exploration is radically different from other devices in terms of the method of work and performance and prospecting and make our machinery is in the lead, always leading, first on the other.
The technical surveys have become very sophisticated and through scanning, detection and research and you are standing in your site or you’re in your vehicle and 5 km, in addition to developments in software systems become easy to use for everyone, there choose the language you want and the way search multiple and many in each device where you choose the proper and easier for you to learn to work through it,.
The discovery of targets and access made easy, but our machinery is now giving is realistic goal, signed and epicenter real as well as determine the doors and entrances caves and cities located underground and give images that highlight landmarks goals clearly in addition to giving all the data and information about the quality of the goal and his name and size and weight, depth and quantity before starting work this is the right professionalism and excellence in research and exploration.
Is now most our machinery such specifications mentioned in addition to her work and accurately indoors or vehicles or in mountain areas and rocky terrain where facelift Systems Matting, filter and cancel the signals of materials and metals unwanted addition they retain data and information through touch screens that draw and visualize goals explored, and established her many specifications for large dimensions and depths and in the development and strengthening of the transmission and reception of signals and frequency waves and modern electronic.
This is our permanent which provide the best and latest always and put it between your hands to enjoy all kinds of technical devices and advanced technology.