Dear Sirs: We are proud to present to you our products manufactured in the best factories in Japan, Germany and the United States of America, which use the best technology and the latest global technology in the development of the detection and exploration industry in the world, and give with confidence to our customers around the world the best services that help them obtain their requests And their wishes, we always strive for the best and urge our customers to submit any complaint or suggestion in the area of ​​our business jurisdiction.
This gives you the advantages of making the right decision in choosing our devices:
1 – That our services are secure, protected and encrypted so that no one can access or locate and this is what we have to ensure unlike to ensure all stacked and counterfeit devices in the market
2- Provides Arabic and English Catalog.
3 – Picture of Lucy de Interview (works on all computer systems to get complete information about the device).
4 – Training CD and learning about the work of the device to know the main points in the exploration by the device called the basics, which is important to know the direction of the target, to reach the target, determine the location, inventory center (in the middle), know the size and quantity, and measure the depth of the target.
5- Certification from the factory patent.
6- Certificate of origin from the supplier’s country.
7 – Security and protection around the clock to provide confidentiality, security and safety.
8 – International shipping to all regions of the world in a safe and reliable manner within 3 days
9 – Practical experience on the device in showrooms by buyers in a manner required by the customer.
10 – Introduce all set of regulations and cut programs that run in one system and one device, which in turn enriches the purchase of a wide range of devices, and saves large quantities.
11 – Detection of targets Our devices have long distances and accurately survey the ground to give the correct path towards the target.
12 – Directing you to the target device from a distance of not less than one thousand meters and horizontally reaching the target through each device.
13 – Identifies the device quite clearly through visual and audio center area indicators and a clear crystal screen.
14 – The device measures the size and depth of the target before work.
15 – The device determines the quantity detected by the drill.
16 – Challenging rival offers and discount for unparalleled.
17 – Transferring our client and all the secretariat to the appropriate device when desired
18 – Choosing the device depending on the region if it is solid, rugged, mountainous, dirt, rocky, agricultural or sandy desert
19 – The customer knows that these devices cannot work in some areas, and the signal cannot be transmitted in the soil because it is intended for that.
20 – The customer knows how to transmit signals, frequencies and waves in the soil and air, and how to receive and analyze them by means of a. Mini – the computer inside the device and recognized through sensors and smart cameras

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