Center U.S. pleased virtual navigation our official website this which contains the science of the many information and abundant that focus in on all that matters explorers , prospectors and includes chapters explaining the mistakes and problems that fall by pointing out the correct ways to explore and how to identify useful devices in addition to providing advice and guidance important was keen to put all the information to be useful and beneficial to customers as we are hosts of the nature of the problems caused by the soil and felicity and hardware how to configure the experience through a review of video clips that we explain it for most of our equipment on the ground and displayed in the YouTube .
Dear Sirs, that experience and success gives optimism and hope always to Explorer because the treasures of the earth exist everywhere, even down the Antichrist come out and dragged behind him from everywhere Prophet greatest Prophet Mohammed best blessings and peace , so what comes out of the money and treasures and riches of the land did not detract from anything but it must be the intention predecessor work and faith in five out of burials excavated to say our noble in the fifth , that the earth filled and looking at ease to carry , which afford .
We have the experience endured to get to the set up mechanism and submit it to our customers to pray in safety by providing the best of modern technology and through the opening of the center Emirati U.S. first in the Middle East Research geology center is equipped full of the best machinery and electronics -style talk to provide our customers with masterpieces of art and innovation and the latest findings of the modern science.
Tasks and functions of the U.S. Emirati center for geology research :
1 – buy and sell all kinds of devices with modern technology .
2 – buy and sell all kinds of regular and metal detectors developed , and soundtracks .
3 – Consulting engineering and technical expertise .
4 – multiple services for the public and private sectors as well as people .
5 – operational services for new and advanced services .
6 – Import and export of all the information presented in this official website for all our customers around the world , according to the laws and regulations of each region.
7 – agreements and exploratory projects for oil and gas and water.
8 – Maintenance and repair of all electronics displayed on our website.
9 – sell all the spare parts and accessories of the products displayed on our website .
10 – rehabilitation , education and training through special courses for all products displayed on this website .
11 – to provide training and education to all international products.
12 – Submission of all publications and information from catalogs and brochures in Arabic and English for all types of devices.
13 – provide a training and educational CDs for products and services .
14 – provide useful tips and guidance .
15 – For visitors on all new products and modern and sophisticated and the latest electronic technology in the world.
16 – Providing all the pieces parts strong mission- many and among them a depth measurement , measurement device size, device filtering signals, device Matting , a Filter sophisticated , Proximity Sensor and Front Range , a strengthening of the transmitter and receiver of the signal, programs pictorial sophisticated, devices resistance of the soil and volcanic rock basalt .
17 – training sessions for clients clarify the following points : Explain the theory of the scientific method and the principle of operation of the device , and the functions and tasks of the device, defined on all the keys and spare parts and accessories device, education characteristics and advantages of the device and its specifications , to overcome the jamming of soil and rocks, and the environment, training to work at different times and different environmental conditions and terrain , to overcome all the problems faced by the explorers and prospectors in terms of exploration and drilling , exploration and directed explorers and how their marketing .

We assure our customers that this center and these tasks carried out by is one of the best feet in the Middle East through the private commercial sector , as well as we know all of our customers that the videos educational devices in general it is only drops in the sea of this science great , which we recommend all our customers and offer them an invitation to come and see it with their own eyes because the hearing and speech is not someone who saw and also enjoy taking this information and experience to be a catalyst in their balance to reach the desired goals and God is the source of strength .

Dear customers , please contact and messaging the appointment with a sales representative for the appropriate and a full-time to provide information
You required and all fees and costs and the present value of the service in its own section on this site

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