Dear gentlemen …
It is needless pleased Receive all our customers and visitors from all over the world at any time , but our desire to provide the best and finest of services and educational programs was necessary to develop a system for appointments so that everyone knows that the visit of our customers is important to us greatly.
The official website of this save on our effort and fatigue , correspondence and travel and visit and come to our showrooms where we were keen to be inclusive of all information , services and products , but there is a commitment we have to the customers to offer always practical experiences that are seeing eye and touch the hand to cut the doubt certainty in order to be our customers in fully convinced that what they are introducing is one of the best products at all.
That keen continuous Receive our customers and provide them with what does not exist when one invited us to support our customers enough time to give them the best equipment and technology world and make sure to use and easy way , when visiting our client we take him an hour of time to study the request by a program technology to know that his machine that dials or chosen by proportional with its use and with the region and the terrain of the place , who wants to work and after his selection device that is appropriate , accurate and true with his request there two hours during which time we explanation of scientific and practical completion of the procurement process and provide the following services :
: 1 – explain the theory of operation of the device and the programs and systems that work with him .
2 – Explain the process of preparing the device , programmed and ready for work and the way his jaw and installed and shipped .
3 – Training on how to choose the type of metal required to search for programming range and depth ground .
4 – Training on the long – range scanning process to search for minerals required for a distance of 1,000 meters and more.
5 – training on how to hunt targets remote and find out the direction and path of the target and how to reach him .
6 – know what type of training the underground target client before he started drilling and exploration .
7 – Training to know the size of the target and measure its dimensions .
8 – Training to find out the depth of the target underground in centimeter.
9 – Training to know the existence of gold and treasures that were in the tunnels , caverns or caves or graves and find out rooms and stone entrances and doors to facilitate drilling and exploration operative and extract precious burials .
10 – Training on how to drill deeper underground far without problems in ways that modern art
11 – Training on how to save and load and packaging and immunization , weighing and taking the dimensions of the pieces discovered and how
Those important points eleven are displayed in a matter of less than 3 hours per client and although our showrooms and warehouses and our team is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and the world , but we are nonetheless all can not receive more than 4 customers a day to offer them what has been mentioned.
Gentlemen customers please take great care of you that ye so to avoid forests to visit us of without an appointment is a meeting at the reception and see the display , which includes all the clips films in addition to the products you receive a brochures and booklets about the company and products only.
But while attendance by appointment and Sticky time and uncertain one day before it has another matter of reception and provide full programs and services and access to our showrooms advanced electronic technology to get the best information and devices and we are sure that our visit to not forget and will always be light and Zia God grants success