Gentlemen customers:
We offer our pledge to you to provide the best of our services and the answer to your requirement and provided and spend your need and deliver the goods to your address . From the date of your purchase of one of our devices have begun actual relationship with you to provide all the services and facilities of the client to give him all the help , suggestions and advice through our honored that more than 30 years in the field of exploration and signs and symbols , as well as devices on different kinds and races and brands and model.
System and the law of signal analysis :
1 – offer an analysis of the signal and one that you have free when you buy one of our machines valued at $ 8,000 and above
2 – In the case of your request for the analysis of one of those symbols and references to more than one fee shall be signal analysis for each $ 1,000 with a guarantee from us that real analysis by the reference provided either empty or filled with the place .
3 – signal analysis for non-member customers ( did not buy devices ) from us , the value of the signal analysis $ 1,500 .
4 – while sending the amount must send clear photos or map for reference as well as pictures of the area and photos of the four directions from one place the reference to 500 meters in all directions and images must be clear and Apostles, preferred .
6 – analysis are answered and give a report on the reference or map after 3 working days .
7 – It is also available at our office in America Service visual depiction professional Open ID transmitter audio gps ftg usa a new service and proven a year ago, gave the results of wonderful and amazing the removal of radiation and the dimensions and the exchange of all living creatures and exotic unwanted , which cause confusion and problems and a lack of focus and complete the work and Specials in areas required housing or discovery and exploration , or the establishment of homes above or build this service valued at $ 5,000 pay half the amount , while the service request and pay the other half after the confirmation of the completion of work in the required manner and duration of termination be after 7 days from the date of dispatch of the amount in the absence of benefit and the removal of barriers and inhibitions through the specific duration Retrieved amount immediately .
8 – It is also available to our scientific books and gold discoveries contraceptives and how to get the best methods and the proper methods tested price of $ 1,000 per copy
9 – It is also available to our maps and archaeological sites for all areas to be explored around the world, it ‘s documented and true and uncertain sincerity and presence from the date of receipt of the fee for the map map to the nearest area

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