We U.S. trade center based in the Middle East and representative for the group of companies and factories FTG USA Group U.S..

We welcome you to our FTG USA GROUP

FTG USA GROUP is an independent global company with strong scientific foundations and developed based on the renovation and development and innovation of the most important global products and services quality and high durability and superior precision and develop the most outstanding services .

Has been the main center for the establishment of the parent company in the U.S. , which is a step strategy for the development of fixed props and facilitate the movement of international trade and business Import and Export , and provide all the new services and products to all our customers.

The construction of the main center in the United Arab Emirates is a quasi-governmental initiative in achieving the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President of the UAE and endorsed to provide the best services and capabilities necessary for the people of the UAE and the rest of the peoples of the region .

As well as business development for the public sector and private sector in the fields of science , which constitute a big step and important to provide all required services in all areas of technology and everything related to geological studies and Systems Alacetkav and research work and excavations and surveys geoscientific to get to achieve the goals .

Painted the parent company in the United States for its new lines of modernization and development to find the best products and services, and so out of Msalatha and at a reasonable cost versus quality in line with the standards and international standards International on the basis of well-established and easy to complete to get the service and affordability and achieve satisfaction customers .
To learn more about how politics and adopted and pursued by ftg usa group , we invite you to browse our official website , which contains all the information and data for the services and products of all kinds and models, as well as the price and terms of all matter and customers .

This site will be a way of evolution is subject to continuous renewal and improvement is always where we want in the constant quest to provide services and technological sophisticated electronic products to customers around the world.

We can not see the development of better unless your contribution us your comments regarding products and services that we provide , or are going to do it , we welcome any Suggestions in order to accomplish our mission development is easy and fast and if we fail to achieve the desired level of services that you would expect we hope to share your thoughts and your dreams to reach the summit.

We thank all those who contributed and record this in our official website and are eager to meet his request to the fullest and assure you that your needs our attention Mahzy always with greetings : FTG USA

Have all licenses approved industrial and commercial registration for agencies and brand ftg usa and officially certified to offer the best products and services to all our customers in the Middle East and the world.

All of our agents and dealers of the companies that operate within the regulations and standards worldwide all agreed to provide quality service and a good product and the appropriate price, it also be a great partnership of a number of institutions and companies, which have formed an international group of foundations and great to get to the summit and hope that the participation and contribution of many other distributors appointed him to be in every region or province official distributor for a group of companies and factories ftg usa.